Late Night Post

I know, it’s late, but I figured I’d drop in and say hi. Last night was busy and hectic, so this morning I wasn’t even thinking about waking up early to try and post. I’m in the middle of helping a really good hairdresser friend of mine plan a fashion show to benefit Couture for Cancer.

This program helps create 100% human hair wigs with special adhesive and real looking scalp net for those undergoing or going to undergo chemotherapy and will lose their hair. It’s going to be a really great event. 30 Models. Styles from today way back to the 80s (you all know how much I love that time period!) and a little dinner afterwards, for those gracious enough to donate to the cause. ALL proceeds are actually going to this event. The money we are getting to put it together is coming from vendors who will be involved in the event. 😀 Not bad, huh?

I knew my strange theatre background would come in handy for something someday. Maybe I could become an event planner. I’m really really good at directing and I have ‘great vision’. *thinks* Nah… if I had to do weddings, I may kill the maid of honor. They are sooo unbearable sometimes. Hence the reason why I didn’t have one. 😉

I think I’ll just stick to writing. Which btw, is coming along. Piece by piece. I unstuck myself from the last post, and allowed myself to think outside the box a bit. I think sometimes, I put myself into a mold I don’t have to be in. I figure, ok, I’m writing this genre. It has to be this way. Pst. Yea, right. It totally doesn’t. I can just write what my character want. What they are moved to do. Sure, I help direct them a bit (LOL, what is the likelihood of directing coming up twice in one post?). They can be silly sometimes. They need a push. But overall, I like where being open minded has gotten me. *shrugs*

My goal: To finish my current WIP by August. Late August is fine, but I’d really prefer mid August. So I’m going to hold you guys to being my personal cheerleaders/whip wielders. (Ok, don’t get too excited, ok? Those things do hurt a bit). My progress bar is still on the right, in the sidebar. I’ve actually upped my word count by 2k in the last 3 days. 😀 *does happy dance* That’s pretty sweet.

Now to just finish my edits, and I can focus solely on my story. I’m excited!

Can you believe it’s only one more day til the weekend? FINALLY! Then, only two more days for me to work. School’s out on TUESDAY! And I seriously cannot wait. I’m worse than the kids. Everyday I sit with the 1st graders and ask them, so is today the day? They just laugh. 😉

Ok, guys, sorry for the late post again. Like I said, my brain is sort of on the fritz. Gotta forgive me.

3 responses to “Late Night Post

  1. What an awesome cause! Cancer is hard on a person emotionally as well as physically, and it sounds like a fun and worthy event. I salute you and your friend for your hard work.And great job for getting yourself unstuck. *pom pom swish* You can do it, Isabelle. August is a realistic, do-able goal. 🙂

  2. You are so busy busy busy! I can understand why you’re thrilled with school being out on Tuesday…:)

  3. Thanks Cora! I’m really proud of it. I’ve been blessed to be asked to be a part of it, as it is the first of its kind in our area, so I feel honored. :DKaren, you have no idea hun. Being busy sometimes stinks.

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