The Fall

There are times when I feel I can do everything. During those times, I’m happy to say, I manage to become a superhero of sorts. I take care of everything and still manage to incorporate time to watch tv or spend time with the husband.

This week, for some strange reason, I was in superhero mode. Waking up early to go to work. Going to bed far too late. Not just that, but basically not sleeping. For whatever reason, my buzz to work wouldn’t wear off with exhaustion. It kept buzzing! So a few days ago, I was up til about 2am. Woke up 6am. Ouch. Ok, I can recover tomorrow. Next day, fell asleep at 3:30am. Ok, I seriously have to get more sleep. I’m starting to feel it now. Third day, looked out the window and noticed the sun had come up. Time: 5:07am. Woke up at 6:30 and went to work. Yea. So you can probably imagine how I was feeling last night, right?

I went to the gym and tried to work out anyway. Because I’m an idiot (I know you were asking in your head). I got about 20 minutes in, then felt lightheaded. So I left. Replenished my elektrolytes, felt much better. Then I realized, I couldn’t think. Everything came out a blur. I sounded and somewhat felt, drunk. That’s when hubby said, uh uh, time for you to sleep. I had to take a sleeping pill, because once again, though my body was exhausted, it would not cooperate in allowing me to fall asleep. But once I did, man that was the best sleep I’ve ever had! I slept until 1pm this afternoon. And I don’t regret it.

Through that haze of manic-like work progress, I managed to edit about 50 pages of my MS for Freya’s, wrote about 3k for my current WIP, plotted a few extra chpts coming later, and read half of a MS for review. Now, I’m feeling it. The heaviness in my brain is quite nice, but I miss the creative high.

With everything on my plate, I guess I just thought I could do it all. But, you know, I’m not superman (woman).

2 responses to “The Fall

  1. It’d be good if you drank some chamolile tea every night. That might help you get more sleep. 🙂

  2. That’s not a bad idea at all Tempest! I think I’ll go out and get some. 🙂 Thank you!

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