That’s right, people! The second round of edits is D-O-N-E. *blasts ‘Celebrate’ by Kool and the Gang* I’m sooo happy to have finished those. Now, hopefully, they’ll find it to their liking (as much as possible) and what they send back won’t send me running to the corner to cry/hide. Did I mention how much I thoroughly dislike edits? lol Oh, in case I didn’t. I do. I like them about as much as a trip to the GYN. No need to explain further, I assume?

The good thing about this is, now I can focus completely on my WIP, at least until I get the last round of edits back. I did some brainstorming last night. Thought up two more chapter possibilities, wrote out mini-outlines for them. Today at school, our 8th graders were absent due to: GRADUATION! (yay 8th graders!), so I managed to write out a scene in my handy-dandy 5 subject notebook I carry around with me. Yea, I’m the idiot with the huge notebook, rather than carrying around a more comfortable notepad or Tiny Fatbook. I’m just strange like that.

Between that and the new vamping of my site, I’m very excited for what’s to come. 😀

BTW, a little plugging here, the lovely Cora Zane has a book coming out from Cobblestone Press on the 29th! Check out her blog for details!

2 responses to “FINISHED!

  1. Yay, Isabelle! Congrats on those edits. *confetti* ^_^ Thanks for the plug, too. You’re a sweetheart!

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