Maybe It’s the Heat

I just feel so sluggish today. I had a busy morning, but as soon as I hit the gym, the little reserve of energy I had evaporated. Now I just want to veg in front of the TV. Which isn’t good. Because I should finish folding laundry. And mop the bathroom floor. And maybe even vaccum a bit. But you can count on that not being done tonight.

For a second I considered writing, but even my brain has slowed down to a strange kind of, chill mode, where I’m not thinking more than maybe a word or two at a time. Like swimming in jello. There’s a thought…

So yea, wordcount for today, a measly: 260. And I think even that was pushing it. Because it’s pretty icky stuff. LOL But eh, the off days come. I’m not gonna kill myself over it.

Hope you’re all staying cool and hydrated. And that your thought capacity (unlike mine) is greater than a cucumber.

3 responses to “Maybe It’s the Heat

  1. I’m pretty much impersonating a bump on a log today. I read until nearly 4. Full House by Janet Evanovich. I haven’t ready any of her non-Plum novels and I figured it was about time. I’m enjoying it so much I woke up at 10 and read some more. Now the late night read is setting in and I’m doing things like playing computer games. I hardly ever do that. But, I got the gamepass at to buy my nephew who is visting this game called Feeding Frenzy 2. He’s so patient with me taking up his computer time. LOL.

  2. Ha, ha! Annalee, I know exactly what you mean. I’m in vegetative mode too. Hopefully I’ll get myself up and out before I melt in my seat. Argh. Have fun with your nephew! LOL He sounds sweet. 😀

  3. Yeah, he is fun to entertain. My other slightly older nephew is coming this week for a shorter visit. They’ll have great fun.

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