After reading Cora Zane’s post today about Dracula’s Castle being on sale, I got to thinking about the type of places I might buy if I had a ridiculous amount of money and nothing to really do with it (because I can only give so much to charity, you know what I’m sayin’?).

(Disclaimer: all images are from Forbes’ website and used exclusively for commentary/dreaming purposes. No infringement intended.)

For starters, if I had the option, my home would have to have an indoor spa of the likes of this:

Nothing else would be sufficient. I’m inspired by all things Greco-Roman, so the pillars would be essential and the tiles would give the place that “Roman bath” feel. Ah yes, I can just imagine myself lounging in such a place, a coconut cup in my hand, with a frosty pina colada inside, and those little cucumber slices on my eyes.

I’d be nice if the front of my dream place could look something like the picture to your left here. I have a thing about windows. I absolutely love a view. Granted, windows like this are a pain to drape, but then again, if I’m living on my own compound, privacy won’t have to be an issue. I’ll have guard dogs, a huge gate, a security guard that sits in a little booth, and the command to shoot to kill anyone who trespasses. Ahem, I mean, to call the police and have them escorted off the grounds. Yea, that’s actually what I meant.

For entertainment purposes, I’d have a huge pool where I could have parties and such. It would be inside, in case there was bad weather out the day of my planned events. Or if I just want to have a pool party in the winter, it will also be heated. You know, just in case. I’ll have a bar, places to lounge, and… hmm… a skylight for when my lover and I indulge in moonlight swims.

Of course the back of the house would sport a sun room for my writing. Something grand and luxurious. Or maybe not… I might start to doze and stare out the window at the animals or streakers or whatever…

Hmm… I’d need a really great office though. Because by then I’ll be a multi-pubbed world class author. Something dramatic and inspiring. Hm, yes. With good lighting, or I’ll be wearing bottle glasses by the time I’m thirty.

Ahh… Tuesdays are good for dreaming aren’t they?

One response to “Huh…

  1. OMG, those pictures are divine… I have a thing for windows too. I’d want a house on the Mediterranean, or house on a private island. Something overlooking water for sure. Egads, that would be awesome… *daydreams*

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