A Day of Procrastination

There was a lot I could have done today. But, instead, I found myself peacefully lounging all afternoon. The morning I was busy with hubby. Had a great time spending the day with him, since he’s always at work. I wish he got a day off mid-week every week. *pouts* Not fair.

Well, not it’s 8pm. I’ll probably watch the fireworks from my back porch in another hour or so. Until then, my guilt is killing me. I’m going to get my lazy behind off the couch and go do some cleaning. Dishes need to be washed. Floors scrubbed. Mirrors polished. Yea. I’m going. See me moving? *looks around* Ok, in a minute.

Oh, and writing? HA! Yea, ok. Haven’t even opened my WIP today. In fact, last night, I had a very strange dream/nightmare about it and the very thought of working on it today terrifies me. For the record, I hate MIDDLES. They personify books that open their mouths and attempt to swallow you whole. = O

3 responses to “A Day of Procrastination

  1. Sometimes it feels good just to take some down time. We all need a break now and then. Hope you had a good one!

  2. Yeah, I didn’t do any writing yesterday. I cleaned the house and watched TV. That was about it. Hehehe! Happy belated 4th. of July!

  3. I agree Mia! The brain requests it. Otherwise, there’s some serious burnout going on. Tempest, I tried to clean the house. Got very little done in that arena too! lol Just having one of those days. 😉

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