Late Post

I’ve been on and off all day today. Lack of sleep the past few days has finally caught up to me. So, I think I’m retiring early. *sigh* I know, I know. On a Friday?! I asked myself the same question. Is it morally correct to go to bed early on a Friday? It can’t be. In fact, I’m certain its illegal in some states. Like NY and NV (is that the symbol for Nevada, I can never remember). But my brain just won’t take another answer. It’s too tired. So off I go. *tear*

Good news though, I lost another 3 1/2 lbs, which brings my total weight loss down to 18! 🙂 Pretty psyched about that.

And last nite I did some great cleanup work on my WIP. Arranged the chapters in order, filled in outlines where the chapters were yet to be written, and wrote a whole new one that I got VERY excited about. All in all, it’s been a successful week.

Oh, and I just had to bring this up because it disturbed me more than anything else has in a VERY long time. From what I understand, Prince Charles, once told Camilla, his current wife, “I want to be your tampon.” That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. A tampon. That is not a mis-spelling or a miscommunication. Now, I’ve read many books. Some have had some hilarious one liners. Others have had some very corny, unsuccessful ones. But that? In what universe did he think that was romantic? Since when does tampon=love? I recognize the innuendo. I know exactly what he meant. But… yea. That’s where that affair would have ended. I’m perfectly happy with Tampax, thanks Charles.

Happy Friday people!

2 responses to “Late Post

  1. NV … yeah. I’m planning on staying up too late tonight. It is 7/7/7 and I heard on the news that it Las Vegas is ultra busy because it is the luckiest day of the century. I decided to see if it is any different than any other day. My thoughts are that it’ll just be harder to find a machine that is lucky because the place will be full and no one will get off their lucky machine once they found it. LOL.

  2. Congrats on the weightloss! Send some of those vibes my way. ~_^ I forgot completely about the 7-7-07 thing, but I did get something I reeeeally wanted on that day. So I’ll count that as lucky. As for the tampon thing. ROFL! I remember hearing about that, and I thought if they didn’t end up married some day it would surprise me. I mean, who else could you say that sort of thing to? Hahahahaha!

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