Just Need a Few Days…

So right now, I’m cleaning my house one item at a time. The movement of each item takes me… oh I don’t know, like 8 minutes. The heat is suffocating. Why didn’t anyone warn me that skylights=magnifying glass in the sun? Of course, I’m the ant. And I so don’t want to implode.

My usual cleaning, done Saturday and Sunday, was postponed to today because of the heat. The weekend was miserable and my insomnia was the usual, up until its morning type thing, then I slept all afternoon in front of a fan on high blowing right on my face. I looked like I was drunk/passed out. I expected to wake up in some dive in Mexico, with my dashing hero asking if I was ok, sitting across from me on a plush loveseat, looking a little weary, like maybe we were Bonnie and Clyde hiding from the law or something. *wide eyes* Wow, I really thought about that a lot more than I realized. LOL I told you, the heat is making me delirious.

Anyway, I won’t be around again til Wednesday. Getting my hair done for the karaoke competition tomorrow. Having another meeting for the Couture for Cancer benefit fashion show. Cleaning house. And practicing my singing. So I’ll be all over the place. 😉

In the meantime, I’m revamping my website, which has moved servers. *FINALLY* I’m trying to figure out the new format/dashboard/control panel or whatever of the host. I’ve only ever used Yahoo, which tends to hold your hand about a lot of things. Hopefully I’ll have it up and going soon!

Happy Monday my darlings. 🙂

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