What A Buzz!

I got home from the competition last night at about 1:30am. I couldn’t sleep! The high hadn’t worn off yet. Even now, I’m still buzzing from the performance. Plus- I did not drink. Not ONE ounce of liquor. (It’s against my weight loss plan rules, so, NO NO). The reason this is so impressive, is because I felt about as buzzed, if not more than if I had.

See, I got to Rookies at 8pm for signups. I thought, great, starts at 9pm, good to go. Pft. Yea right. 9:15 saw the start of warmups. Huh. Warmups. I don’t know why, I just didn’t expect that. So, I sang a fun song. Something I could really just relax with. I was a bundle of nervous energy ALL day. I sang “Objection (Tango)” by Shakira. Man that song is fun to sing. That little rap part she throws in there is hysterical.

So yea, after that, I was really feeling it. My energy was all time high. By hmm… 10:30, it started to wane. I’d been there for 2 1/2 hours. No sign of my name being called. They were random drawings so you know I was freaking out after EVERY song.

Finally, I just let loose. One contestant sang “Bye, Bye, Bye” by NSync and I said, screw it. I danced, I laughed. My cousin asked me if I was drunk. I said no. He high-fived me. Told me that I was awesome for still having so much energy with the long wait. If it wasn’t for that new boost of self-confidence, I would have completely missed my cue when they called my name.

Ohhhhh the rush of having your name called is like nothing else! Tingly little butterflies that flutter in your stomach and send your blood rushing with excitement. LOVE IT! I went up there and just sang. I didn’t think. I couldn’t. Didn’t have enough time. Every aspect of the song I’d second-guessed throughout the day faded.

I had sooooo much fun. To make matters even MORE awesome, about 10 minutes after I got off stage I get a phone call. From… huh? That can’t be right? Is that Lisa calling me? No way! I rushed outside, cause that place was just too loud. Do you know she actually saw me perform?!!

Dude! How wicked cool is that?! From California she managed to watch my little non-important self sing. That kind of knocked my socks off a bit. I suddenly felt the world shrink. Still, I was sooo happy to hear from her, particularly because I realized I’d never spoken to her on the phone before and she sounded very much like I imagined she would.

Anyway, overall, the night was sort of perfect. Exactly how I would have wanted it to go if I could have planned it.

I made it to the SEMIFINALS! PLUS- and this is a major, major plus- I just found out that Kenny Lamb will be a judge at the finals. Kenny Lamb is a Nashville producer. He helped write hits for people like NSync and Dixie Chicks, I believe. That’s HUGE. And I’ve been asked to come back next week to open the show.

*wispy sigh* I’m sooo buzzed right now. 😉 Natural highs rock.

I really should open my WIP and use some of this energy in a positive way. I think I will do that. I feel like such a slacker. I’ve not touched my WIP for like a week. I was on such a roll a week ago, remember that? *shakes head* I’m such a flake.

2 responses to “What A Buzz!

  1. That is awesome, lady! You ROCK! I’m so mega proud!

    I wish you super good luck on the next round. I know you can do it. And remember… they asked you to OPEN! Squeee! ^_^


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