Joined the MySpace Bandwagon

Finally! 🙂 I’ve been meaning to get on board that train for quite some time. But MySpace tends to scare me a bit.

But I’ve finally done it! Thus far, I’ve only found a few of the authors I know on there… but I hope to do more searching tomorrow.

Let me know how you like the layout as well. I made it myself, on one of those generators. 😀 I’m very proud of it.

So without further ado, click to see:

P.S. I wrote about 156 words today. Better than zero, still not my goal. 😦 Been away from my darling WIP for too long.

4 responses to “Joined the MySpace Bandwagon

  1. Congrats on the word count. Some is better than none, lady. 😉 BTW, I added you on myspace! I’ll move you into my top 8 later tonight so I can find you better. It’s been forever since I went on the site, and it’s very slow now. Or at least seems to be. So I’ll have to get in there to change things in an “off” hour. lol

  2. I’m surprised you get an ‘off’ hour as hard as you work! 😉

    NO rush, hun. Really.

    I’ll put you in my top 8 too.

  3. Ha, ha! You’ve caught me red handed, Tempest. 😉 Making it was actually my form of procrastination, but you’re right. That’ll only get worse.

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