::News Flash::

Things just get more interesting.

Samhain, Loose ID, and Ellora’s Cave will lose their RWA recognition after the changing of rules, yet again.

Find Miss Angela James’ (Executive Editor at Samhain) very eloquent and professional response at Dear Author.

I think she makes a very valid argument. These are high quality presses. Nothing about them will change other than their status with RWA. They are still producing the same quality fiction, the same interesting books. Anyway, check it out.

4 responses to “::News Flash::

  1. I just heard about all this mess the other day. I’m sorry for those epubbed that are losing their status, but really, I think they should rest assured that readers like myself will not stop reading their books because they don’t have RWA street cred. That has never meant a lick to me, to tell the truth.

    I do wonder if the RWA is going to stop taking memberships from epubbed authors after a time. I can’t help feeling its wrong to accept money from authors they don’t wish to help represent.

  2. Cora thank you so much 🙂 We authors really needed a pick-us-up after RWA’s dismissal of our medium. Readers such as yourself is the reason we write 🙂

    I love how you put it into perspective about them taking our money but not supporting us.

  3. I absolutely agree with you Cora. I never once judged a book by whether or not it was recognized by RWA, or whether the publisher was. Truth is, some WONDERFUL writers are part of small epubs and small print pubs (both of which are affected by this new change of rules) and when people realize just how amazing they really are, I don’t think they’ll give a lick about it either.

    And you know what? I wouldn’t be surprised if they did stop taking RWA memberships from epubbed authors. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if epubbed authors started to just withdraw their memberships. I know many who are furious.

    I guess only time will tell on this one.

  4. Once again RWA has shown us how out of touch with reality they are. *sighs* Do they know a lot of NY publishers are releasing their books on ebook format? For instance, I buy Harlequin Nocturne directly from their site in ebook format. Geez…

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