Some Progress is Better than No Progress

So I gotta admit, the Blog-o-sphere feels a bit empty with so many people off at RWA. I bet they’ll have all sorts of goodies to share with us when they get back. In the meantime, I do have a few other fun things to occupy my time.

Romance Divas has been having holding a “Not going to Nationals” conference. A way to help us who were unable to make it for whatever reason feel a little less left out. 😉

Midnight Moon Cafe is holding their anniversary celebration. That’s been fun at every corner. I really love it there. 😀 Check it out, I’m sure you’ll find something of interest. An author, a flash fiction, a wereanimal. They’ve got it all.

I finally managed to add another 550 words to my WIP. Not a lot, but I’m putting just a bit in, little by little. I was having some trouble with a few scenes so I brainstormed. Got some great notes down. Now it’s only a matter of actually sitting down to write. Sometimes, that in itself seems so impossible. I find a million other things to do instead! I have to learn discipline.

In the meantime, I guess some progress is better than none, right? I’ll keep chugging along until I find another writer’s high. There are little pockets of it everywhere. I just feel like Mario, from Super Mario Bros. Always having to traverse secret worlds to find it. 😀

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