Like Pulling Teeth

I love my hero. I really do. But sometimes, he and I just don’t see eye to eye. This one little chapter I’m working on right now, this chapter is really important. I keep trying to explain to him that this chapter leads to the chapter of realization for him, to the moment where his thoughts change. These changing thoughts will thus lead me to the climax. In so many words, this freaking scene needs to happen. Case closed.

I hate days like today. Days when writing feels like an exercise in patience, self-control, and stamina. Days when rather than feeling like a creative genius, I feel like I smoked crack when I decided to start this story. I’m pulling words from nowhere.

I know where the story is headed. In fact, I know where the scene is headed. Still… for whatever reasons, the words just aren’t forming. I’m not going to force it. Not tonight anyway. I don’t have enough energy for that. But when I do… ha, they better watch it. My characters are in line for some trouble if they don’t get their act together.

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