Weird Week

I’ve got some serious insomnia happening. I mean, really bad. Most days I don’t get to bed til 3am. That’s early. On bad days, I’ve been up til 7. *sigh* I wake up at 1-2pm the next day groggy as all get out.

Now, I’m a night person, so usually that sort of thing doesn’t bother me. But I can barely function. I feel like I can’t think straight! I can’t get up early to go out and run errands. It’s really pissing me off.

I finally caved and got some OTC sleeping pills. They don’t seem to be working, though it’s only been 2 days. Maybe I’m just desperate. So it seems to be taking longer than it actually is? Maybe? I have no clue.

To make matters worse, I started having nightmares as of last night. That usually only happens when I’m stressed. I think I’m stressed. But I don’t know about what. Has that ever happened to you? You’re worked up and you can’t figure out what the trigger is? I mean, other than my lack of sleep, things are going rather well. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just going insane? Ha ha. Going… lol Ok, sorry.

Wrote a tad bit. A few hundred words, tops. My brain is usually too muddled to think clearly. Don’t get much done on that front. Guess that has me pretty stressed out.

Hmm… maybe I just need to work out more. Relieve this negative energy through running. There’s a thought…

5 responses to “Weird Week

  1. Yeah, insomnia = no fun, because it disrupts the creative process = more stress because I’m not creating. So now I do several things: make the room as dark and cool as possible, do stretches/yoga before sleeping to relax my body, dab lavender oil on my temples. Oh, and I also got my thyroid checked and voilà, problems there, which helped cause the insomnia and stress.

    Take it easy 🙂

  2. Ugh… Stress. I am well acquainted with that guy. It’s weird because there are days I start stressing for no really good reason too. Try not to get too bummed over not writing if you’re tired. Everyone has days like that. It will do your brain (and your story) good to step away for a rest.

    I hope the insomnia passes soon. 😦

  3. Thanks for the concern ladies! 😉

    I’m forcing myself into bed most nights. Taking OTC sleeping pills at least until I can regulate my body. But overall, its the late night movies on TBS or old Dawson’s Creek eppies that lull me to bed. Ha, ha. Gotta love crappy 2am tv.

  4. Isabelle Love the pic I found it because I cant sleep ether I have insomnia off and on I too am a Night person I work as a sound engineer and party when I can. Just saying hey and I feel your pain.

  5. Daniel, I sympathize, my friend. Truly. It’s a hard thing. But it gets better. My suggestion: Valerian. It’s helped thus far. Let’s hope it keeps up. 😀

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