Real Life vs. Fiction

So I debated for a while on what to talk about today. Nothing’s really changed on this end. Same old, same old, you know? Then, I got to talking with my girl Cam. See the two of us have a mutual friend, Mary. She’s an intern. Cam and I, in our typical raging tv fanaticism, of course immediately refer to what we imagine intern life to be like.

Crazed doctors doped up and passing out in coma patient rooms (a la House) for that touch of drama. Doctors who deal with patients who view the world in song and dance routines (a la Scrubs) for laughs. Or, my personal favorite for obvious reasons, ridiculously and impossibly gorgeous interns getting it on in the stock room/supply closet (a la Grey’s) for sex appeal.

Unfortunately, we’ve been lied to. Yup, that’s right. It hurts to say, ladies and gents, but real life? Ha! Real life is NOWHERE close to these incredible, magnificent epics we watch on the TV, or read in books for that matter (though books hit the mark A LOT closer, if I may say so myself). What do I mean? Well, let’ compare, shall we.

Actors play normal people all the time. Stay at home moms. Cubicle workers. Nuclear physicists. You know, average. But these actors get paid TONS more per show, than the actual professionals. I remember reading a really neat AOL article about it. For example, Steve Carrell, who plays the hilarious Michael Scott on “The Office” reportely makes $175,000 per episode. While a real Regional Manager gets paid around $65,000 a YEAR (according to Our darling whiner Meredith Grey would make around $145,600 after her internship. Now, Pompeo earns about 200k per episode. *shakes head* Oh Hollywood, why dost thou find us little people so interesting? What happened to the days of Kings? Queens? Astronauts? There are very few movies about astronauts anymore.

Truth is, ‘reality’ sells. I like watching a hospital drama and then going to the ER thinking, huh, wonder what my Doctor is really up to today. Unfortunatly (for me or them?), those things just don’t really happen. Or at least, if they do, it’s so rare, we don’t get to hear all the juicy details.

Poor Mary. She has like 32 hour shifts. She sits in the hospital for hours. She makes people feel better and sends them home. She’s lost patients. And she has none of the McDreamy’s, McSteamy’s, or married intern sleeping with his best friend because he’s drunk drama to cling to. How? How could one live such a life?

I swear, I’d make drama myself. Then get kicked out of the medical program for good. Hence the reason I became a writer. 😉

One response to “Real Life vs. Fiction

  1. Frankly, as a patient, I’m GLAD things are a lot more mundane, so the interns can focus on making me better and not their love life. Still, it’s fun to watch 🙂

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