Can't Find the Words

I can’t write five words but that I change seven. – Dorothy Parker

I’m stuck. I’ve been sitting on the same scene for days. It’s a decent scene. It really has the potential to be wonderful. The words just won’t come out right. I’ve got the skeleton down. Even that little skeleton makes me shiver in all its potential sexiness. But I need to flesh it out. To give it life. To make it breathe and pulse with heat. Why is this so hard? Because I keep feeling like I’m being fluffy. I keep feeling like I’m just writing more to write, rather than to make the scene better. And what I’m expressing… well, it’s imaginary, so it’s difficult to describe.

I know how it feels. I know what it looks like. But I’m having trouble letting everyone else know. Where the heck is Mac with some new flashy gizmo that will help transfer your thoughts into computers, without the actual effort of thinking, you know? Well, after the iPhone, I think it might just be next. Ha, ha.

Ok, you know what? I’m gonna give it another try. The word doc is open. The scene is up. I have to close my eyes, try and get lost in the moment. It’s really hard with Frasier in the background trying to pick Daphne off the floor after she’s fallen and gotten too heavy to get up herself. I don’t know why, I don’t even like this show, but I can’t seem to stop watching it. Oh that’s right… it’s called procrastination.

4 responses to “Can't Find the Words

  1. Nice changes. I hadn’t stopped by since the change. I haven’t used my computer in so long that I have to dust the keyboard! I’ve been only able to sneak on from time to time on a borrowed computer these past few weeks. Sounds like procrastination?

  2. Oh man…I wish Mac would come out with one of those devices, too. Imagine what it would do for the pubbing industry! As for the wip, I wish I knew what to say. Step away from it for a bit and read something fun. Sometimes that helps me get my writing groove back.

  3. Thanks ladies.

    Annalee, I like the new look too. It’s pretty funky. 😀

    Tempest, thanks for the suggestion. I really appreciate it. It’s really not so bad. I know know what I mean to say, just cant’ seem to get it to sound how I envision it, you know?

    Cora, good to see you back around, babe. I hope you’re well and in better spirits. I think I might hit B&N this week. I do need a distraction. 😀

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