It's Friday!

Which naturally means: Weigh-in Day!

I’m now on week 7 of my medically supervised weightloss program. Overall I’ve lost 22 1/2 lbs. I’m very proud of my success, but I tell you it doesn’t come easy. While the first 3 weeks I looked forward to weigh-in day, now I just sort of grunt. The process is starting to slow down, to regulate. Last week I lost one pound. The doctor asked me if I had cheated on the program. Now, I know that is probably something he has to ask everyone. Procedure, you know? But… WTH? Seriously? I paid 500+ dollars to join this program. I’ve seen GREAT results. Why would I cheat? Wouldn’t that just be a waste of both of our time?

Turns out a lot of people do cheat. *grumbles* Idiots. I don’t know why you’d try something so life changing only to change your mind partway through. I’ve done what they asked me to. Drank more water. Did more exercise. I’m hoping that this week I’ll be back up to 3-4 lbs. If not, we may have to figure out what’s causing my metabolism to deflate like a balloon.

Then it’s off to the gym. If I lose a lot of weight this week, I’ll work out extra hard, just so that I can lose more next week. It becomes a personal challenge. I’m always competing against myself. If I don’t lose enough, I’ll work out even harder, because I want to make sure next week is a good week. So I guess either way, I win, huh? 😉

Last night I was up until like 4am working on that scene I was telling you guys about. It’s finished. It needs tweaking, but it’s finally finished. I’m going to leave it alone and move on. It’s held my attention long enough.

My wonderful CP Ansha told me that according to a workshop she read, I’m a liner writer. I think she’s totally correct. I don’t like having too many drafts. I keep the process as short and simple as possible. I also HAVE to work in linear order. Scenes MUST be from beginning to end. I have issues jumping around. And if I do, it’s only a few scenes ahead, it can’t be like, 5 chpts ahead. Sure, it’s the OCD method of writing, but it works for me. So I’m thrilled to say I’m not at 42k. 8k away from my first major goal. 😀

The halfway mark! Can you believe it? That’s pretty exciting! I plan to reward myself for it. Haven’t decided how yet, though a nice pair of shoes is starting to look appealing. Then it’s back to work. Gotta try to hit 75k at that point. Ha, ha. Relentless, I know. 😉

Happy Friday everyone and enjoy your weekend!

4 responses to “It's Friday!

  1. 22 pounds!!! I’d be doing a mad dash to the mall for a wardrobe overhaul. Hehehehehe! Congratulations on your loss. I need to seriously channel some of your will power.

    All that, and you’re cookin’ on that wip! *pom pom swish* 🙂

  2. Congrats. That is great news.

    I have been watching what I eat lately. Nothing like visiting a family member in the hospital after they suffered a heart attack to to motivate me to eat fruit instead of ice cream. I’m not really “dieting” I’m just making changes like the other night I ate fast food Chinese and pretty much decided that I won’t be going to Panda Express again for a long, long time.

  3. Ha, ha! You know what Cora? I was at the mall on Wednesday. It took ALL of my will power not to rack up on these GORGEOUS jeans I saw that literally had me salivating at the window. If I had gotten the jeans, the heels would have followed! Then I’d be broke. 😀 Ha, ha.

    Annalee, I had a recent Chinese food experience that left me soooo grossed out, I won’t even share it. Let’s just say it turned me off of Chinese for a LONGGGGG time.

  4. Yay! Congrats on your weight loss!

    As for a writer, I admire those like you who are linear writers. I’m a pantser of the worst kind. I never write stories in order, so it’s like playing scrabbles at the end. *LOL*

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