Unhealthy Fear

So I’m so close to the middle of my story… too close, if there is such a thing. I’m now paralyzed with fear. I haven’t even opened it in like 3 days. What’s with the panic? Don’t I WANT this thing to be done? Well, sure I do, but some part of me is actually quite terrified of finishing. Hence, my unhealthy procrastination of something that really should’ve been much further along at this point. *sigh* I feel a bit like a basket case.

On another note, I was looking for inspiration and found some great movie scenes on YouTube, one of my fave places in the world. I get inspired when I watch actors bring characters to life. I try to imagine what it would be like to see my characters on a screen, really living and breathing, the way I see them in my head. I drunk in the tension and laughter, the great writing, the little details that always take my breath away. Acting is such an art. Many of them don’t get enough credit. Some of them, who aren’t so great, get too much. (But, I digress).

Anyway, I think the inspiration helped a bit. I’ve opened my WIP and am currently staring at it. If I write 3 pages, I’ll treat myself to folding laundry, which at the moment is looking WAYYY more appealing.

On a happy note, my friend had a baby boy last night! 😀 Welcome to the world Jayden!

One response to “Unhealthy Fear

  1. Write a little bit for me too, Isabelle. Laundry has indeed looked more tempting for me today as well. *lol*

    Congratulations to your friend on the birth of her baby! 🙂

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