Trying to be a Megastar

For research purposes, I headed back to Rookies, where I qualified to be in the huge singing competition, in order to study they’re book, the type of songs that did well, performances, and well… honestly… the competition. 😉

I said hey to the DJs and such and asked if they still had open karaoke going on. They said, not really, but if I wanted to open the show, they were cool with it. REALLY!?? 😀 Sweet! So, I chose a song went up there and sang my little heart out. I forgot some of the words, laughed, and kept going. Some random person took a picture of me. Potential stalker? Probably not, but I got excited at that very sick possibility. After my performance a woman came up to me and asked me if I was competing tonight. She wanted to vote for me!!! Man, can you say ego boost?!

Either way, in the end, I was feeling really good about the whole night, other than my non-drunk stumbling over words that should have been easy enough. But I digress. I think I realized last night how much I reallyin this baby.

Listen to this madness: Monday, August 20th I’m performing there. A HUGE Nashville producer will come to judge/critique our performances, Simon Cowell style. Which means I have to be 100% on my game. It makes me terrified, but at the same time, I want to impress him sooo badly! Which means I have to get to work something fierce. *wide eyes* I’m so scared!

I also nearly finished a chapter I was having trouble with last night. I’m doing pretty good with it, it just needs SOMETHING. Don’t know what yet. I’ll get it though. Soon. 😉

Humpday guys. Enjoy it!

One response to “Trying to be a Megastar

  1. That’s totally awesome! Although I’d be a bit nervous knowing there’s going to be a Nashville-Cowell kinda judge in the group. Good luck in the singing competition! I hope you win!

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