The Quiet Lull of the Early Morning Hours

For the past few days, I’ve crawled into bed just as the sun has come up. It’s a beautiful time of morning really. Soft light. Peaceful. Quiet. Something about it seems magical. Then hubby’s alarm goes off and he hits snooze for the first time and I realize, crap, another long, sleepless night.

This morning he actually laughed when I got into bed and said something along the lines of “your shift, huh?” though he mumbled so it was hard to tell! 😀 Made me smile though. He’s right. Sometimes I do feel like we take shifts sleeping. I’m going to try to make better use of my time if I’m up that late. Some nights writing just doesn’t happen. So cleaning and scrubbing can. It’s so much cooler at that hour that I work faster. More efficiently.

Imagine hubby’s face when he wakes up to find the house looking completely different! LOL That would be a riot. I change around the furniture overnight and he wakes up to find things not where they used to be. I can totally see that happening.

I’m headed to Cape Cod for the weekend to visit with hubby’s cousins. I’m excited about that. I love it up there. It has to be one of my most favorite places in the world. Something about the rhythm, the purity of the air, always inspires and relaxes me. So I hope to get some good sleep in and maybe even some good writing in. Even if it is on notebook paper. *sniff* I miss my laptop.

How are you guys spending your weekend?

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