Drama Queen

Wednesday I was supposed to get together for lunch with my old theatre director and some thespian friends for lunch. It turned out to be such a strange day. The pizza place that we were supposed to go to closed without notice. On vacation for a week. Strange, since they usually leave a sign or something.

To make matters worse, I wasn’t able to call around and let everyone know because I wasnt’ there. I was actually laid up in the hospital, trying to sleep off anesthesia. I got a few phone calls inquiring about where I was. Most ended in the same shock. WHAT? We just spoke to her yesterday!

It literally happened that fast. Tuesday I woke up feeling nauseous with awful stomach pain. I thought I was dehydrated. I’ve been that dehydrated before, it’s not a nice sight. So keeping that in mind I upped my water, chewed on ice, etc, etc. By midnight Tuesday, I was in so much pain I couldn’t find a comfortable spot to lay in. I went to the E.R.

They diagnosed my appendix woes almost immediately. I got started on a morphine drip (I was more relaxed during those few hours than EVER before). Hubby fell asleep in one of the room chairs. I handled the various doctors, nurses, and surgical residents that came in and out, until finally, I signed the form. After a CT scan, poking, prodding, and a strangely uncomfortable surprise GYN visit, they rolled me off to the O.R. at about 6am.

I don’t even remember falling asleep in the surgery room. All I remember is being asked to roll off of the stretcher and onto the cushion bed. I was asked to move up toward a donut where my head would lay. Then, nothing. 2 Hours later I was rolled out feeling soooooo hung over, I swore I was dreaming.

I saw hubby and my mother. They said something to me though I can’t quite remember what. Most of the day went that way. I didn’t regain consciousness fully til about 6pm. At which point my father in law came by to joke and laugh with me. Then I fell back asleep. I was discharged Thursday afternoon.

Can you say: wham bam thank you ma’am? I mean, sheesh. An extra day to rest wouldn’t have killed them. But whatever. I got some Percoset and was sent home. This weekend I spent relaxing and taking meds. I’m feeling better but… yea, just weird.

My drama director accused me of always coming up with the strangest, most unique ways to get attention. 😉 I told her it’s so embedded in me that even my appendix got in on the act.

So that’s why I’ve been MIA. But I’m back. Weak, tired, but back. So I will be making my blog rounds. *hugs*

On other random news, I will be serving as a hair model tomorrow for my best friend’s color classes. She’s gonna use me as an example for highlight techniques. Which means I get to have cool stuff done to my hair! Woot! Awesome! 😀

And I did manage to write a TINY bit on my WIP. Enough to set up a scene I’m having trouble with. I’m going to work on it again tonight, if the meds don’t knock me out. It’s a tough scene either way, so I’m having trouble with it for more reasons than just my constant lethargy. Ha, ha.

Anyway, Glad to be back. Miss you all!

Happy Monday all.

4 responses to “Drama Queen

  1. OMG!! I was wondering where you’ve been, but was afraid to ask! I hope you’re feeling better – and in no need for any more emergency hospital visits! ((hugs))

  2. Kelly, I think I definitely will. I have a few B&N coupons I’m going to unload on her. 😀 I’m actually really excited about it!

    Cora, thank you, hun! I know I’ve been seriously MIA. I tried to come around, but it was honestly so hard. I could barely think straight. I would have just scared you all with my nonsense. 😉 Ha, ha.

  3. Good to see you around the blogsphere again and feeling better, chica! 😀 Now take it easy, okay? Heh! Hope the highlights thingy turns out the way you want them! As for books, also try Lara Adrian and JR Ward. Awesome vamp romances!

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