Time to Step It UP

So last night, I dragged my still limping self to karaoke. I wanted to check out the last round of qualifiers before next week’s semi finals/finals showdown. I stumbled upon an old friend from high school! She was always older than me, but she remembers me from some of the musicals and such. It was sooo exciting to see someone I recognized and to just talk music, you know? Because truth is, the girl has got some amazing pipes on her. I love the grittiness of her voice.

You know what? She gave me her MySpace page, let me spread the love. Her group’s name is Triadic. Here’s her addy: http://www.myspace.com/triadic Check them out!

On that note, I am now rewriting this post because WordPress ate it up. 😦 What is going on?! Anyway, I was saying that hearing this girl sing last nite reminded me: OMG, the finals are next week! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I’m excited but nervous you know? I really have to kick butt. I’m ready, singing wise anyway. But performance? Yea, needs a bit of work. So what am I gonna do? I’m going to practice, practice, practice. Work until I can’t work anymore. It’s all about selling it. And honestly, up against people like her, I have to be better than good if I plan to go anywhere. I want to take Megastar home. So that’s my goal 😉 Think I can do it?

I’m working on style and such. My best friend Aly, (the hairdresser who did those subtle highlights), will work on my hair and be my costume consultant. I’m doing an urban rock style for Tuesday night. With skinny jeans and a halter top and maybe a punk rocker do. Wednesday I’m changing it up and doing 40s glam. 😀 Oh yea, baby. Bring it!

I’m feeling strangely positive about the whole thing. Hopefully that whole feeling will transfer onto my stage performance.

OH! And on unrelated news- Cinematic Royalty is now on the Coming Soon page at Freya’s Bower! My name is misspelled, so I’ll have to let them know that, but still! YAY! 😀 So psyched. That’s seriously exciting stuff just because it makes it real, you know? Makes me want to work on my current WIP. I haven’t done much except dabble, no serious 2-3k nights since my surgery. The meds have just knocked me out. I sleep like 10 hours a day. Which is probably a good thing, seeing as how I’m still sore and a bit swollen. I’ll get to it. Soon enough.

And according to my medical weight loss center, I’ve now lost 30 lbs. 😀 WOOHOO! So that’s another thing to celebrate.

Yea, this week is working out way better than last week’s nightmare. And hopefully next week will follow.

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