For those of you wondering about the karaoke competition:

I didn’t make it!!

I didn’t win. Not as disappointed as I probably should be, after all the hard work I’ve put into it. Strangely enough, I’m at peace. I really put on a rockin’ performance. I gave it my heart and performed better than ever before. I raised the caliber even for MYSELF which says alot, seeing as how I’m such a perfectionist.

Truth be told, winning this thing would have taken over my life, something I simply can’t afford with all my other responsibilities, religious, familial, personal… writing included. And the girl who won was TOTALLY worthy. She blew me away tonight. Completely out of the water.

HOWEVER, on a very positive note, the MC, who runs the contest and owns a management agency, says he technically owns me for the next 30 days, per our contract, and wants to work with me anyway! He says out of the group, he would only ever consider working with like 2%, and I’m one of that! So that made me feel incredibly proud to have been part of the group. It really was a lot of talent and LOADS of fun. I’m hoarse, tired, wired, and all else you could ever imagine. 😀 We’ll see if this goes anywhere. You just never know.

Off to bed now. Its nearly 3:30am and I’m shot.

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