And So It Is

Well, I did it. I went on my very first job interview since high school! I’m not sure how to feel. I’m all grown up. Ha, ha. I can both cry and laugh at the strange revelation that brings. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a woman going on 22 years of age. You may think, ah, you’re a baby, but given my circumstances, I’ve lived a lot more than most people think. I mean, hell, I’ve been married for 3 years! Oh goodness… 3 years, that’s insane. 😀

Anyway, back on subject, (forgive my rambling tendencies) I think it’s strange that the jobs I’ve gotten since school have been sort of word of mouth. They’ve totally stifled my interview skillz. Thankfully, I’ve had years of theater training and public speaking to prepare me for such moments. I am all about improvisation. Generally, that gets me through with flying colors. It’s just when something as yummylicious as a job at bookheaven, aka Barnes and Nobles, comes up, well, I tend to get clammy hands.

Overall? I think I did well. Honestly. I was just myself. I smiled, I laughed, I told a story anecdote or two. You know, the usual. The manager really seemed to like me. She was friendly and fun and I thought, yea, I’d love to work with her. Plus, there were a few things she told me which sort of sealed the deal in my mind regarding why this job is my DREAM job (other than being an author, of course) and why I’d be so perfect for it:

  • As a cafe employee, I would have to taste all of the products in order to honestly sell them. Ha, ha. *shakes head* I suppose I’ll suffer though having to taste pastries, cheesecakes, teas, coffees, etc. If I must. 😉 Pashaw! Come on, who can even say that with a straight face?
  • Regulars. Since childhood I’ve had this wacky dream of being a waitress. I love the idea of recognizing familiar faces, of building ties to people you don’t really know. There’s something so fun about it, so exhilarating. Imagine, at 9am Wednesday mornings I make a double espresso latte because so and so comes in at 9:10am. And they smile that huge smile of appreciation for remembering. 🙂 *sigh* I can change the world one latte at a time.
  • Did I mention the incredible perks? Can we say book discounts?

Yea. Good stuff. They said they’d call me early next week. I’m going to be like a girl waiting for a guy to call til then. NOBODY better touch the phone. I might get explosive on them. 😉

In other random news, I bought a great pair of sneaks today. I plan to start training for next year’s Labor Day Race. 5k or bust. 😀 Maybe it’ll help drop these last 20lbs I’m carrying around. Argh.

NO DWQ today. I’ve babbled enough. Expect one tomorrow though. 😉

One response to “And So It Is

  1. Sounds like your interview went great! You know, I’ve heard it’s those that seem most comfortable in the face of the interview who fair better for those bookstore jobs. They take into consideration you’re working with the public. With that being the case, hon, I do believe you nailed that one! Woot! *pre-celebration*

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!

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