4 responses to “Layout Ideas

  1. I like the first one better, but the second one has more potential. Maybe a different choice of the two images, but in any case use a program that can burn them or make them look older with brushes or changes of contrast and exposition. 😀
    I just finished working on one of my own images and made it look black and white, damaged and generally nice. :DD
    A new design is always good for the old eyes. 😉

  2. Thanks Bronwen!

    Marija, that’s some great suggestions you’ve got going there. I’m going to try the burning and see what happens. 😀

  3. Love the new designs, Isabelle!

    I think the first one is more intimate than the second. I like it better on a aesthetic basis. However, the second offers more area for your content. Go with what suits your needs over the beauty of it; something that highlights your books/work.

    Great job on putting it together! Both look fabulous!

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