Terrifying Silence

The voices have faded. The characters have all grown quiet, ceased to exist along with the world I’ve destroyed. You heard me right. Destroyed. *wide eyes* I guarantee it was absolutely necessary. However, it doesn’t make the situation any easier. I feel like the characters have all died. They haven’t of course, but it’s a strange mourning. My brain hasn’t processed that they’re coming back in another, similar form in Book 2. It’s a whole new world now. A whole new story really.

The characters are the same but not. Which is making the thought of writing it absolutely terrifying. I’m dealing with older, more jaded characters, people who now have no restrictions after living in a world FULL of them. It’s chaos. But it HAS to be organized chaos. I’ve never been very good at that.

Do I sound calm? This is reading much calmer than I feel. Ha, ha. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just amusing to me, is all. 😉

Anyway, it’s Friday night, and it feels like Saturday night for some reason, and I’m terribly confused. I did however buy two books for my reading pleasure. Maybe some reading for entertainment will get me more in a writing mood. And keep me from freaking out like a total maniac.

Anyone have good plans for the weekend? Same old same old on this end. Oh! I do have a food/Pampered Chef party to go to tomorrow night. That should be fun, eating good food somewhere other than home. Other than that though, it’s pretty chill.

Let’s hope the empty room refills with the bubbling life and laughter of my characters. My head feels empty without the chaos.


6 responses to “Terrifying Silence

  1. Destroyed? Did you kill your last wip? Or are you working on Draft 2? *_* Either way, hang in there.

    No special plan this weekend for me. Unless you count buying tools with hubby for his back to work Monday. Exciting no? 😛 Here’s hoping my characters will talk to me this weekend too.

  2. OMG! I love today’s pic! You know, back in the 80s I dyed my hair like that. Gosh… the memories… Hehehe! Sorry to hear the voices stopped talking. Maybe they took a vacation down to Puerto Rico without your permission.

  3. I like that pic too. Cool colors.

    I’ve been having a tough time getting remotivated to write after everything that went on this summer. Still health issues in the family and I just don’t write well when I’m sapped. It’s like for me, my head is empty when there is chaos. But, talking about two different things.

    Best of luck getting into the groove and writing this weekend.

  4. No, Lisa, that’s not Avril. 🙂 Does look like her though.

    The colors are what drew me to that pic originally Tempest! Hair like that rocks! You’re my new hero! 😀 Ha, ha. Long live the 80s, right?

    Annalee, it is really difficult when you’ve got other pressing matters on your mind. That’s completely understandable. I have no excuse, except that I’ve hit a wall.

    Cora, I didn’t destroy the WIP, I destroyed the world in my WIP. lol As in, the world no longer exists. It is now kaput. Ha, ha.

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