Ever just have one of those weeks where you’re not quite sure if you’re going left or right? I feel that way this week. Between the new job, the book release, a new story on deadline, keeping my diet/weightloss in check, and other random things, I honestly feel like I’m drowning sometimes. A girl can only juggle so many balls! Unless of course, she’s got four hands, which I always wish I did. *sigh* Too bad.

I finally saw the season premiere of one of my very favorite shows, How I Met Your Mother. I missed it the night it came on because of my power being out. But it was hilarious, as I expected it to be. I love that show so much. It just reminds me of my friends and of stupid things that we do sometimes. 🙂 I think it’s one of the best ‘friendship’ shows since “Friends”. There hasn’t  been true chemistry like that in a while. Aww… *cries* I miss sitcoms. Good television has definitely taken an interesting turn. Not that there aren’t some great things out there, but the topic of some of these shows lately leave me wondering. A remake of Bionic Woman? I don’t get it. *shrugs*

Either way, I’m anxiously awaiting the premiere of Scrubs. Hands down my very favorite show. I need to get all the seasons. I watch the reruns and just never get sick of it. I love those characters.

For those of you wondering, I’m still getting settled in at work. I’m doing ok, it’s tough remembering all the drink recipes and codes for the register and all. Then again, it’s only my second week. I assume they know it’ll take me a while.

As for writing, I have a short, 20k novella I have to get on ASAP. Its due in December and I haven’t written ONE word. *lazy bum* But at least I have a good idea where I’m going with it. I’ve just been too delusional from the exhaustion to think clearly. I’ll get it. 😉

Hope you all have had a great week so far.

3 responses to “Overwhelmed

  1. You liar, you have too written words, I know because I’ve seen them. Maybe you haven’t found which words you’re using yet… but that’s not the same thing. Don’t beat yourself up about it. You’re in a whirlwind right now, girl. And things are going to be crazy for a little bit… but you can make it through. I got your back. 😉

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