Can you believe it?!

I’m about to cry. This is so exciting.

I got my very first review!!!!! *screams like a maniac* Oh goodness, my neighbors are going to think I’m insane. lol

Cocktail Reviews has reviewed Cinematic Royalty! Check out some of the things they said:

With a sub-plot that is both touching and interesting, Cinematic Royalty is a must read. Set back in the day, which I must say is refreshing and spot on, I found myself transported back in time believing every word. Oh, the glamour! The decadence! I wanted to wear the clothes, saunter around the Whitmore Hotel in all my finery, and visit Bridget while on set.

[…] Be warned, this tale brought more than a tear to my eye. I’m not ashamed to admit I cried like a baby—for the sadness and the happiness. 

Want to read the rest?! Go here!

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