Now or Never

It’s Sunday night. Already. How did that happen? And more importantly… How do I undo it? Not that I mind work, don’t get me wrong. Another few hours in book heaven, a.k.a B&N, always makes me feel good. I think it’s the smell of new books and coffee. It does weird things to my system. Happy things. 😀

I think what really has me dreading Monday is the thought of another full week of work and activities and plans. Another full week of (warning: cliche up ahead) running around like a chicken with her head cut off. Because let’s face it, I’m one of the least organized people in the known world. It causes a lot of unnecessary headaches.

Hubby, in his infinite OCD/anal-ism *ahem* wisdom, has created a schedule he thinks might help me. Just trying to follow it makes me even more exhausted. Ha ha. Sad, huh? 😉 What can I say? I’m a free spirit. I cannot be chained down by tasks written on paper!

I hoped to just crash this weekend. Veg, sleep, read. Recharge, basically. No such luck. I ended up far busier than I intended to be. Not bad busy. I got to spend time with my beloved nephews whom I adore. Got to hang out with a friend from the city who I haven’t seen in months. Still… it’s nearly Monday. And I got no vegging, reading, and hardly any sleeping done. When will I learn my lesson?

On the writing front… *sigh* Well there really is no writing front. I’ve had a really crummy writing week when it comes to productivity. I’m supposed to be working on a 20k novella. The idea I was trying to shape is just not working out. I think I hate it. Which is really really bad because it has to be done by January. I’m a little concerned, but not muchly. Just enough to make me crazy. On the other hand, I reopened my WIP to add another 1k or so. Hadn’t touched that in about a week or so. So it was a nice change of pace.

I think I’m going to go clean up and indulge in a book for a bit. I totally deserve it. 😉

Hope you all had a great weekend!

One response to “Now or Never

  1. “I think it’s the smell of new books and coffee. It does weird things to my system. Happy things.”

    This is brilliant. I know this feeling. I get it every time I walk into Books A Million. How lucky to work in that every day!

    I hope the plans for your 20k novella come together quickly. If you hate the story, at least you still have enough time to re-plot and plan and a new story. You can do it! ^_^

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