Procrastination 101

Find a project of equal or greater value as the one you’re supposed to be working on. This way, when asked why you aren’t doing ‘Project X’ you can reply that it’s ok because you’re doing ‘Procrastination Item A’. For example: I should be working on my 20k novella. Am I? Of course not! In fact, the very thought of it is making me quite nauseous. Instead, I’ve decided to work on my query letter.

What query letter? you may ask. Let me tell you. I have decided to seek an agent. *wide eyes* That’s right! An agent! Crazy, isn’t it? I have someone very specific in mind. So, by means of distraction, I started work on the dreaded query letter instead of the novella. I know what you’re thinking. Isabelle, you HAVE to get that novella done. Yea, yea, I know. It’s not going to help my case if I want to set it on fire every five minutes though. Really. My fellow members of Pyromaniacs Anonymous would be very disappointed.

So the novella has been pushed off for another day. But hey! I’ve got a query letter all finished and set to go! Now, the new issue. To send… or not to send?

2 responses to “Procrastination 101

  1. Good luck with the agent hunt! In the meantime, about that novella… is there some way you can develope the plot into something different? Maybe change the characters into completely different people, or write it from a different character’s POV? Maybe starting fresh – shelving an old idea – will make the task less daunting? I have my pom poms ready if you need a cheering section.

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