Won't Let Them Take You

Man, I’ve got some seriously bad writer’s block.

Or perhaps its writer phobia. Because I have an idea of what I’m going to write but for whatever reason I’m terrified. I can hardly bring myself to open the word document! I think I’ve just psyched myself out. I tend to do that sometimes. It’s the pressure. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do things… well perfectly. For example, I get angry at my job that I don’t know all the codes for the register. I’ve only been there two weeks. They don’t expect me to know them, but for whatever reason, I expect it of myself. Insane? Pft, yea. But I never said I wasn’t. 😉

Working on a deadline is just adding more pressure to the cooker. My brain just can’t wrap around the fact that this needs to get done. Which is weird, cause logically, I know it, I understand it, and I’ve scheduled it in. However, I’ve ended up doing other less important things. Like listening to Regina Spektor’s album. Rewriting my crappy query letter (no, it hasn’t been sent out yet- YES, I’m getting on it). And obsessively downloading icons from Livejournal. I have folders worth of them on my desktop, plus a bunch saved on my photobucket account and on CDs. *wide eyes* Oh my goodness. I’ve become an icon addict.

Do you know it’s taken me nearly an hour and a half to write this post? That’s how distracted I am. Goodness. Anyway, off to bed. I have the next two days off of work which means catching up on cleaning, rearranging, etc. Maybe the physical activity/change will spark the muse. Hopefully *crosses fingers*

2 responses to “Won't Let Them Take You

  1. Take a deep breath. Go take a nap. I’ll share an awful habit that I have. When I have something that’s due. I wait until I have just enough time to write the required word limit. Somehow my brain knows exactly how many words in can type up in an alloted amount of time. 🙂 GOod luck. Love ya. We’ll work through this as we’ve worked through so much.

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