Disappearing Act

Terribly sorry for my sudden disappearance guys. It’s  been a crazy few days for me.

Started on Friday when I decided to see my grandmother in order to get away from life for a little bit. A sort of vacation, since we don’t hang out very often, she’s wicked cool, and she’s not that far, I thought, this is sort of the best of both worlds. So, after a LONG day at work I got myself together and headed out. Hubby dropped me off and promised to meet me on Sunday after he was done with all his weekend duties.

My time with my grandmother was a blast. She’s crazy and so funny and we just laughed and joked around for two days. I saw some old friends for dinner Saturday night. And my cousin asked me to stay with her Saturday, since we also barely hang out. She made me sing for her for about 3 hours and insisted I perfect a song for American Idol auditions next year. She has deemed herself my manager. 😀 Crazy woman.

Let’s just say there was some wine involved and lots of laughs. I had a great time.

I came back a bit too late on Sunday and then opened at work yesterday. Needless to say I was shot. Could hardly function. Then I worked a long shift and my legs and feet were killing me. But, trying to be good, I went to the gym.  That only exhausted me further.

These are all the reasons I haven’t been able to post. LOL. A whining list of excuses. 😉

But I’m back. A little sick, but back.

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