Sucked Into This World

Oh the joy of well written characters. Do you know where I’ve been? I’ve been to Dublin. Down the Dark Zone streets infested by Unseelie Fae. Into Barrons Books and Baubles. Heck, to be honest, I’ve had a tryst or two with Jericho Barrons, in my head. How could I not? The man is steaming hot!

Karen Marie Moning seriously outdid herself in Bloodfever. Although I liked Darkfever just fine, I’m amazed by how quickly I dipped into fangirl mode. For some reason, the characters just came more alive this time, (for me anyway). The chemistry. The action! (oh my goodness, the action was awesome). The world. Her world building skills are incredible.

Thank you, Miss Moning! For making me remember why I love writing/reading! I’ve gotten a bit of my own spark back. I was having a seriously bad writing week. This was a much needed spark of passion. For those of you who haven’t read it yet, DO! It’s worth it.

On another note, it’s FRIDAY! *does happy dance!* What are my plans? To rent a few movies I’ve been meaning to see forever. Veg. Maybe even finish up this synopsis I’m pushing through. Then, if all goes well, maybe I’ll even get 8-10 hours of sleep. 😉

Happy weekend!!

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