When the Honeymoon Ends…

Although I’m not an official TT’er, I thought I’d post a little something in honor of this blog-o-sphere phenomenon. Looking back at my last post, I realize it’s been three days since I’ve been here! THREE DAYS!!? How did that happen? I’ve been eating, sleeping, and working. That’s about it. I feel like one of those string puppets, who are being controlled by an upper hand, their bodies just sort of flailing and moving as best it can to represent whatever the ‘hand’ wants from it! That sounded a lot more like: I’m repressed by the mighty hand of the commercial giant known as the Man. lol That’s not how I meant it. I just meant that I’m tired and feeling rubbery and weird. Ha ha.

Anyways….Haven’t really done much writing, although my brain has been mulling things around. NaNo is around the corner. I can’t believe it’s already November. Am I ready for Nano? Goodness… I don’t know. *bites nails* I think the answer to that is NO. Ha ha. Today at work I did get hit by a stroke of genius for one of the novellas I’m working on. I realized why it wasn’t working and got an idea I really like about how to change it. I sent it to my darling CP, Christina, who I’m assuming will write back with all sorts of great thoughts/suggestions. We’ll see how that goes.

Now, I’m now going to tell you all about my week. This is basically a little explanation about why having your dream job is a lot like marrying the love of your life. Ready?

After the honeymoon period you  begin to see it for what it’s really worth. Sure it was nearly orgasmic to walk the Barnes and Nobles floor at 7am when the rest of the world is not allowed inside. It’s quiet. The books all seem to whisper. The new book smell lingers in the air fighting against the coffee I’m brewing. I still have those moments. Moments when I know Book Heaven and I are meant to be. BUT… there are other moments. Like yesterday. A woman asked me if we had green tea. Yes, we have green herbal teas or the Zen Green Iced tea. ‘Which would you prefer ma’am?’ She says the Zen. I say ok. I ring her up, I ask her again, the Iced Green tea? She says, yes, that one. I make it. Of course the moment I hand it to her she says: (I know you guys know this one…) ‘Oh, it’s iced?’ Um… duh.  Ha ha. Yea, seriously. What’s up with that?

Then of course, today, big boss lady, aka regional manager came to walk around the store and sit and listen to everything going on. Now, it’s not that big of a deal if everyone is doing their job the way they’re supposed to. She’s just checking to see if we’re following protocol. But everyone gets soooo stressed out! Ha ha. They’re tense and jittery and just strict about little things they wouldn’t blink twice about! *shakes head* Figures. Sometimes you gotta take the good with the bad, huh?

Anyway, I get Monday and Tuesday off next week! Woohoo! Can you say four day weekend?! *does happy dance* So let’s see. Things I’d do this four day weekend if I had the money/freedom to do anything!

1. Read C.E. Murphy’s new book Heart of Stone (which is out early!).

2. Write like a bizillion pages to my WIPs. Ok, ok, more realistically, finish my novella, plot out my new one (for NaNo).

3. Do a tip top cleaning of my house so that it’s absolutely spotless. Because a week of crazy work and life has made it look like a war zone.

4.  Hit Cafe Bottega’s for karaoke, appletinis, and home made gelatto.

5. Make a trip into NYC and visit the Museum of Modern Art and some of their old hotels for writing inspiration.

6. Go to the mall! (goodness, how long has it been?!)

7. Rent Heroes DVDs and watch them all in one day.

8. Rent Dr. Who while I’m at it.

9. Have one 24 hour writing session. It’ll be something like 50 pages or bust.

10. Have a 24 hour sleeping session. (see above)

11. Celebrate the return of Scrubs by watching tons of Elliot/JD music videos on Youtube. (Oh my goodness, I’m so embarrassed, my inner fangirl can’t contain herself).

12. Catch up with everyone!

13. Re-energize for next week!

😀 One more days, guys, then it’s Friday! WE can do it!

3 responses to “When the Honeymoon Ends…

  1. That picture pretty much sums it up for me. ROFL! Whoever made that – BRILLIANT! I’m sorry for teasing you on myspace; I did duck that shoe. *wink* I am glad to hear you’re going to have a few days off to get your bearings – four day weekends ROCK!

    So you’re going to do Nano? I didn’t last year, and I debated it this year, but it’s looking like I won’t have time to start at the beginning of the month. Ho hum. I guess I’ll just have to see where I am on this contemporary when the month starts.

    BTW, Happy T13! 🙂

  2. A 4-day weekend? I soooo envy you! As for the NaNo, I’m more and more incline not to do it again this year. I did it for 2 years, and it was great. But then again, things at work were less stressful. I still have a few days to make up my mind. Have a great weekend!

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