*sung in beautiful operatic soprano*

It’s Friday!Thank goodness! I started my celebration by purchasing C.E. Murphy’s Heart of Stone, which I’ve been reading during my lunch breaks at work, and jumping in head first. I really love it. Although, strangely enough, her heroine reminds me of a good friend of mine! Ha ha. Might be why I was drawn to her from the start. She’s A LOT like her. Not just in her chosen profession but in her biting wit and her relationship with her roommates. It makes me snicker sometimes as I read it. And the irony of it all is, the heroine’s best friend in the book… her name is my friend’s real name! *shakes head* It’s all very confusing.

I have no major plans for the weekend. But I kind of like it that way. I’ll read. Plot. Write. Sleep. Eat. In that order. LOL No, seriously, I plan to just take it easy. I may play football tomorrow afternoon with some friends. May visit my mother *loud groan* who’s having a good friend of mine over for dinner who is coming from NYC. Saves me a trip. Plus I love her and her family so I really want to see them.

Next week I plan to get back on a semi-diet of sorts. I’ve gained a few pounds since returning to regular food and I’m not feeling too great about it. A lot of it is the stress of the new job and emotional eating. But most of it is really just being unable to hit the gym regularly like I was doing, because of exhaustion and time constraints. Which means I’m going to have to just MAKE time. *sigh* Does anyone have time they want to sell me?

Plus, my writing has suffered a bit because I can no longer do the late nights I used to. I’m getting old. 😉 I really need a good schedule. Too bad I don’t stick to them. Ha ha.

Happy Friday everyone!

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