Monday's Child

What a weekend!

It was exactly what I needed to relax. I slept in late. Read two books. Watched movies. Everything to kill the humming of the week from my poor, exhausted brain. I think it worked too! In preparation for NaNoWriMo, which I’m insane enough to participate in, despite it all, I have plotted a HUGE chunk of my deadline novella. You know, the one I’ve been obsessing over?

I’m so excited about it too! It’s going to be a light hearted murder mystery. 😀 I’ve always always wanted to write a murder mystery. But I’ve been too afraid, because, well… I’m notorious for wanting to give everything away like first paragraph. Ha ha. I don’t… obviously. 😉 I’d never get very far as an author doing that! Just don’t ever ask me if I’ve seen a certain movie ok? You’re bound to get spoiled big time.

Because I got so much done on that story, I treated myself to writing on my romantic fantasy. I’m about 25 pages into that one. Past 10k already. Can you believe it?! Crazy how quickly it adds up when your characters speak so loudly to you.

Tonight, I plan to get together with my darling, Ansha Kotyk, to do some plotting of a third story I’ve been working on (I know, I must have a death wish). It’s both of our favorites. It has a lot of potential, so I’m going to get it plotted out and polished and start sending it out. 😀

I feel so productive! Yay! It’s been a really great weekend.

Image of the day: island VI by mehmeturgut @ livejournal.

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