A Little Cheese With that Whine

Weekends are too short. Even four day weekends. I really shouldn’t complain. It’s been a nice reprieve after a week of work that I’d much rather forget. So, here’s to hoping my first day back tomorrow goes smoothly. Or semi-smoothly. I’d even settle for quasi-smoothly.

I guess a few days makes all the difference. A few days back in a home routine. Back in the mental mode of wake up, write, clean, think about writing, plot, write some more, cook, write, clean again, write. Ha ha. That’s my usual day, sans work. For four days I’ve been in full author mode. It kind of sucks to have to go back to corporate mode, even if only for another day, before I get Thursday off. This is only a two day week for me. For the best, I think. With NaNo starting on Thursday, I think I’d die if I had to work a full week and try and get a new novella off the ground.

So anyway, just checking in with all of you.

Hope you had a great Tuesday!!

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