What Day is It?

How it already the 4th? Wow. That happened fast.

So, my weekend. A bit on the hectic side, really. Let’s see. Started with a good work day Friday. I was controlled, well put together. And then… BAM! My phone falls from my pocket and shatters never to turn on again. Wouldn’t be a big issue except, I don’t have a house phone because I have my cell phone. Which suddenly means, I have NO contact to the outside world.

Do you have any idea how terrifying that thought was? I panicked! I called hubby from work and was like, “I HAVE to get a new phone tonight! What will I do without my phone?!” We went to the T-Mobile store. Of course, I wasn’t due for a new phone and I didn’t have insurance. Guess the phone would have to wait until I balanced my check book. *sigh*

Saturday morning, after some time with my beloved cousins (who are all insane, but so funny), I decided I might as well spend the money. I needed the phone. It’s not like I’m splurging. So I got a new one. And I have to say, despite being upset about my old phone and everything I lost… this new one… well it kind of rocks. 😀

Isn’t it cute? I did get the lilac one. But it also comes in red, black and grey, I believe.

So anyway, other than that. I went to my friend’s wedding last night. It was lovely. She looked absolutely beautiful and radiant and I had a good time sitting at the guest table with a few people I knew. Overall, it was a nice night, if not a little exhausting. Dancing, drinks and food tend to do that.

Even so, I came home and tried to write, so I don’t fall behind on NaNo, you know? I got some done. Not nearly as much as I’d liked to have done. But I was tired and under alcoholic influence. My head just was NOT into it.

On the huge plus side, I started a book this weekend and now plan to go and purchase the other two of the series. Twilight by Stephanie Meyers. Amazing. Simply amazing. Not only is the narrator, Bella, smart, witty and very observant, but the chemistry between her and Edward is stunning. The explosive, dangerous nature of their relationship literally made my heart beat faster. As much as I tried to fight this trend, I have to say, I’m so glad I read it. This vamp-YA-series kicks butt. I’m hungry for New Moon already. It’ll be the first thing I do at lunch tomorrow. 😀 I’m so glad I work in a bookstore. Ha ha

I’m also considering a contest for my book, Cinematic Royalty! I’d really like to give away a free copy. But I have to think up a fun event for us to play. Hmm… let me dwell on it. I’ll get back to you!

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!

4 responses to “What Day is It?

  1. Oh geez… cell phone woes. 😦 Whenver hubby starts talking cell phones I cringe. He is famous for busting his cell, but what are you gonna do, you know? He works out of town so he has to have one in case of car trouble, etc.

    Glad you went on and got a new one. LOVE that new cell you have. Love the lilac. I have been itching to trade my current cell in for a red one. Urg, alas, I have no excuse to trade in. 😛

    BTW, good for you that you did some writing even after coming in from the wedding! *rah rah*

  2. Sorry to hear about the phone! But very glad to see you got a new one. LOVE new phones! But the whole ordeal with phone numbers is a pain. Were you able to have them transfered? 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful day today! (now get writing!)

  3. I wish I had a good excuse to get a new phone sometimes. LOL Pretty much all mine does is make and receive calls. :-p But Oh well. haha I guess that’s all you really need it for. The new one certainly is pretty!

  4. I still have my old Nokia. It doesn’t have all the bell and whistles the new ones have, but it still works, so I don’t have the heart to change it yet. Heh! Your Nokia looks pretty cool! If I ever get a new one, I’d love an iPhone. *wg*

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