Sick Day

I woke up this morning feeling icky. The nasty cold I’ve been fighting for over a week finally decided it was stronger than I was. So, I conceded the victory and slept. I called out of work, which felt majorly weird. It’s my first sick day with them, and I swear, I was in a fit of guilt and panic the whole time. I mean, they know people get sick, but still. I’m hoping I’ll be feeling better to go tomorrow. Missing makes me feel like a bad person. ha ha.

I’ve been tagged by the wicked cool Tempest over at MMC to do a fun meme about my hometown. So here goes:

The Rules: Answer the questions, tag 5 people and then go off on your travels to their hometowns. ONLY ONE answer for each of the questions. No ties!

Best Place to Eat:

Although this might breed some form of argument, New Haven is probably best known for its pizza. Sally’s and Pepe’s pizza have had a rivalry for first place for years. The lines reach out the doors, onto the streets. People come in from different states, just to try them. Sally’s, I’d say, has the biggest reputation.

Sally’s, established in 1938, has been serving pizza to even some of the biggest celebrities! According to Tony Consiglio, co-founder of Sally’s, if Frank Sinatra was in New York he sometimes would have his “driver go to New Haven and pick up a few pizzas from Sally’s… Mozzarella with pepperoni was Frank’s favorite, but once in a while he’d have one with clams.” (One way from New York to New Haven is almost 2 hours!) (Franz Douskey, Yankee Magazine July & August 2000)

Best Shopping Mall:

That would definitely be the new and improved, recently renovated, Westfield Milford Connecticut Post Mall. It’s HUGE. Definitely a one stop shop. Everything from Abercrombie& Fitch to Bakers to Hot Topic to Macy’s. A gigantic food court. And a brand new movie theatre on the very top floor! It’s got a huge lounge with a piano that plays itself, and they offer Director’s Cut movies, in a private screening area with waiters! So awesome. 😀

Famous Landmark:

Yale University. Without question.

Yale University is a private university in New Haven, Connecticut. Founded in 1701 as the Collegiate School, Yale is the third-oldest institution of higher education in the United States and is a member of the Ivy League. Particularly well-known are its undergraduate school, Yale College, and the Yale Law School, each of which has produced a number of U.S. presidents and foreign heads of state. In 1861, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences became the first U.S. school to award the Ph.D. degree. Also notable is the Yale School of Drama which has produced many prominent Hollywood and Broadway actors, as well as the art, divinity, forestry and environment, music, medical, management and architecture schools, each of which is often cited as among the finest in its field. *Taken from Wikipedia*

We’ve had movies filmed here simply because of the architecture. Stepping onto Yale ground is like being in another world. Beautiful, gothic, and ancient, the buildings stand as a testimony to all who’ve been there before. Presidents, movie stars, some of the smartest minds in the world.

Of course it helps that we have the legendary secret society, Skull and Bones, of which the movie The Skulls, was based. With rumors like that, we get people interested in every aspect of our university. Students from all across the world fill our little streets with their cultures, languages, and fashions. It’s a tiny melting pot.

Best Tourism Attraction:

Gillette Castle!

Gillette castle is located on a bluff overlooking the Connecticut River. The three-story structure was the home of director, actor, and playwright, William Gillette, who completed the castle in 1919. The castle is one of Connecticut’s leading attractions, drawing more than 300,000 people in 1995.

The castle was purchased in 1944 by the state and since then, it has been maintained as a state park. Gillette Castle is open daily for tours. The rooms open to the public include nine bedrooms, seven baths, a kitchen and pantry, a third-floor suite, a library, and a study.

Place for the Kids:

The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT! So much to see and do. Sharks, jellies, sea turtles, and more than 1,000 other marine animals. They have a huge

IMAX theatre for special shows/movies. My sister adopted a Manatee with her class as part of a project in the 3rd grade. Definitely a place to spend an entire day with the family.

Popular Outdoor Activity:

Camping. It’s a HUGE family activity in New England. Though there are several places to do it, one of the most popular is Hammonasset State Park. With its own beach, bike paths, and camping grounds, this is a fun place to spend a summer. I’ve gone with friends. We’ve fished, hiked, made campfires, played games. It was a really good time.

Breathtaking Views:

West Haven Beach. It has a boardwalk. Being there makes time stand still. The waves. The sand. The beauty of nature. The boardwalk has fountains and benches to sit. Sometimes there are dance offs in the square. But overall, my favorite part, is being able to take a night scroll, in the heat of summer, to hear the crashing waves and then enjoy some fresh ice cream from the little parlor across the street. Hands down, one of my favorite places.

Only Found in Connecticut:

Me! Of course. 😉 Ha ha. Just kidding.

Not sure about this one. Maybe I can get back to you? 😉

Although, perhaps the idea of a carousel on a beach will lure you in. 😀 Lighthouse Point Park is my favorite for summer romance. The carousel just brings out that inner child in me.

One response to “Sick Day

  1. Urg, sorry you’re not feeling well. 😦 I hope you get to feeling better very soon. Love your meme, btw. I am trying to get all my pics together for mine.

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