Color Me Neurotic

I’m back! Actually, I was back yesterday, I just did not have the time or patience to sit and write out a blog post. I would have been all extra snarky anyway. 😉 Not exactly pleasant.

Let me tell you a bit about my weekend. It was actually really nice. As you guys know, I went to Vermont to visit with some friends. I miss them terribly, and although I moaned and complained most of the car ride up, under my breath like a petulant child, when I actually saw them, all thoughts of inconvenience disappeared. We chatted until the wee hours of the morning, had strawberry daquiris (YUM… sooo good), ate home made pizza, and just overall, caught up with gossip and such. The next morning, we pulled ourselves out of bed and headed out to get ready for a day with their new friends whom we were meeting for the first time. My darling Erin made a turkey dinner with the works and I was impressed to say the least. When everyone arrived we played Boulderdash (the best game in the world, btw) and Taboo. And we ended the night with some yummy Butterscotch Pie.

Sunday as we were leaving, Matt fell and broke his ankle. *Sigh* Yea, we saw ourselves out as he hopped the ambulance to the hospital. That boy is far too accident prone.

So, we get home, and I’m wiped from the weekend, I lay down for a nap and I’m out for like 3 hours! Then I have to rush and get up to go to my work meeting! Sunday night holiday meeting to prepare for Black Friday and to give us a heads up on our seasonal goals and such. Only, I’m not paid to be there the miserable 2 hours, and I have to open the store at 7am the next day! I didn’t even leave work until after midnight! All for the sake of stupid get together games? Yea, I was not a happy camper.

Yesterday I worked until 3pm, but didn’t leave until 4. Then, I went and had dinner at the inlaws. That was nice. Baked Ham is delicious. By the time I got home, I was already exhausted again (notice a pattern here?). But, I had to write, because well all weekend I did nothing but obsess about how behind I am. So I wrote out the end of the chapter I’m currently working on, and hated every word. But whatever, I’ll worry about that later. Right now, I’m just glad I have an idea where I’m headed. Somewhat.

I meant to blog yesterday, but as you see, I’ve been a tad frazzled. So here I am. Complaining to all you lovely people, because you’re all great listeners. 😉 Ha ha. And because I just finished some lunch and am planning to do some serious cleaning, even though I should work on my WIP again. *shakes head* Procrastination, thy name is Isabelle.

One response to “Color Me Neurotic

  1. WOW!! You’ve been busy. Oh, that sucks they’re making you work 2 hours without pay. *grumble grumble* Hopefully you’ll be able to take advantage of those Black Friday sales though?

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