A Spark…?

Consider me completely corny,  but after arguing endlessly with my NaNo story, I decided I needed a little something positive to contribute to it. Because really, I was starting to develop a very violent hate towards it, which just isn’t fair. So, I did the only thing I could think of. I tried to bring my characters visually to life.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Those are my main characters, in all of their 1950s Hollywood glory. And seeing them… ‘in person’ suddenly got me excited. Like, OMG, can you imagine if THESE guys bickered the way Chase and Lexi do? It’d be a riot. So, I don’t hate my story anymore. Quite the contrary, I’m starting to think that it might not be so shabby once I get it off the ground. Yay. Finally. A spark of hope in what’s been a very very dark tunnel.

One response to “A Spark…?

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Isabelle!

    Yay! I’m happy your muse is cooperating with you. Keep up the good writing – make those characters work for you! *pom swish* 🙂

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