(Not so) Black Friday

Well, I survived. My very first Black Friday in retail. Granted, it’s Barnes and Noble. Our version of Black Friday isn’t quite what you’re used to. It’s not the crazed, violent, topple over each other at 5am to buy a large plasma screen television type thing. It’s more just a flow of customers so steady you hardly have time to pee, much less think. Thankfully though, they were all mostly in a good mood. I’m sure our Christmas Blend coffee had something to do with it. People love that stuff.

The day went by quickly enough. I had pleasant work partners today. Two people I really like being around, so that helped. Overall, I’d label this mission: SUCCESSFUL. 😀

Of course, as a consumer, I couldn’t go through Black Friday and not make some sort of insane purchase of my own. I mean, look at me, do I look sane? Ha ha. Ok, don’t answer that. 😛 So, I am now the proud owner of a Sony Vios Laptop. My heart is still beating a bit rapidly for my taste. I nearly had a stroke when I was given the final price, even with the markdowns. But, *sigh* it’s worth it. I need it for my writing. When I go on vacations, it really is inconvenient to not be able to write. Even if it’s only 20 minutes, before bed. So, this is my solution. A gift to myself,  I guess you could say, for my hard work this year. Let’s hope it pays off. *bites nails* Seriously, my chest hurts. lol

And if that’s not dramatic enough, I’ve also acquired a new pet!!!!!!!!!!  That’s right, I am the proud mommy of an adorable kitten. I’m not certain of his breed yet, but soon as I get him home, I’m taking pictures! 😀 His name is L.G. Stands for little guy. Ha ha. I know, how original. I can’t wait. I’ve always wanted someone I could have random conversations with who look at me intently as though they were listening. Ha ha.

So overall, today has been great. Other than the icky inner ear infection that’s causing serious vertigo, I’m feeling positive. So yay for that.

Happy Friday guys!

2 responses to “(Not so) Black Friday

  1. I’m ridiculously jealous at the moment. A laptop AND a kitten?!

    But you deserve everything good and wonderful the world has to offer, so I guess I don’t begrudge you too much. 😉

  2. I hope you get well soon, hon. Those ear infections can be rough. 😦

    You got a VIOS!! How cool! I love the way they look. Very sleek. And then there’s L.G.!! *snuggles* I agree with Lisa – a laptop and a kitten! Does it get any better than that?!

    Oh, and hey, don’t fret at all about the laptop $$. Since you will have to pay taxes on your royalties for your new book this year, anything you buy to further your writing, be it pens, paper, or computers is now tax deductable. (Woohoo!!) So keep your receipts! ^_^

    BTW, looking forward to seeing a pic of L.G. (hint, hint) Hehehe…

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