Reporting Live

From my Sony Vaio!

Thats right, I got Sony to work! I’m so excited. This is going to be so much nicer. I can read in bed. Write in bed. Play Mahjong in bed (you know, on days when I’m procrastinating with my writing of course).

I have been trying to get my writing in order. But this awful ear infection seems to have spread and turned into some sort of full on cold/flu. So, I’m doped up on cold meds and not thinking too clearly. I wrote a paragraph or two, but unfortunately, my mind is blank and all I want to do is sleep. So I’ll try some challenges tonight and see if I can get any work done.

How is everyone’s Monday? It’s rainy and dreary here. A good day to nap and get lost in the rain.

4 responses to “Reporting Live

  1. I’d like something portable too… looks so handy. My ear has been bugging me off and on and the symptons go away when I’m not at work. Kind of scary to think my job might be losing me hearing while at the same not not affording me a month long vacation to Australia. LOL.

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