French Fries, Ice Cream and Soda

I broke 20k last night. It feels like it’s taken forever. It really has only taken 27 days, but in retrospect, it feels like a lifetime.

NaNoWriMo was good for two things. To get me to actually start the story, and to motivate me to work on it daily (nearly) daily. My word count has left little to be desired. I will most certainly NOT make the 50k in the next 3 days. But I can live with that, knowing that I’m halfway done with a story that’s not even due til the end of December. 🙂

So I celebrated tonight. French Fries and diet soda. Ha ha. Can’t get too crazy now. I may also have an ice cream sandwich. Because darnit, I deserve it. My plan, through December is to continue on my semi-daily schedule of writing and not let it waver so that way, I may even finish the whole thing before deadline! That’d be heaven, really. The sooner I can get edits done, the easier my life will be.

Not to mention the new story which is still biting at me pretty violently. I get visions for it every single day. The playlist I made for it is absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to get to it. So, in the meantime, I really have to focus. My incentive: new story. My goal: 50k novella due for my publisher before deadline. Doable? I have no idea. 😉

One response to “French Fries, Ice Cream and Soda

  1. Congrats on the 20k! Yum french fries and diet coke. Now that is a celebration after my own heart. ^_^ (Yes, throw in the ice cream sandwich too, because those things are at the top of my ice cream food chain.)

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