The Narcoleptic Argentinian

I’ve always loved that character from Moulin Rouge. I think the funniest thing is in the beginning when he keeps falling asleep during rehearsal. 🙂 Little things like that really make a character memorable.

I’m feeling particularly narcoleptic today. I’ve been fighting sleep for the past 8 hours, hoping to stay up long enough so that I get to bed early (if that makes any sense at all). Except, I’m fighting a losing battle. Even as I type, I’m yawning and rubbing my watery eyes.

I’m not complaining, mind you! I’m thrilled. Because, I have even more good news. You know how yesterday I was thrilled about having hit 20k?! Well, just last night I wrote another 3k! PROGRESS! *does happy dance* I was up wayyyy later than should be allowed for me, especially cause I get silly if I don’t get enough sleep. But I managed to pull it together for work. In fact, I had a really great day. (Sidenote: Melissa if you’re reading this *waves hello!!*).

But you know, you pay for those dream nights with miserably long days. Ha ha. Is it awful that I’m wishing a nap might bring the muse back for round two? I can take her, you know. I’m not afraid of her madness. I AM however, afraid I won’t wake up in the morning. I have an 8am curtain call. The last thing I need is to look like death warmed over. It’s not particularly appealing to customers. Plus… we just got points for being ‘well groomed’ (whatever that means). I don’t want to disappoint. 😉

I’ve gotten into the nasty habit of wearing hardly any makeup when I’m really tired. Which is a BAD habit ,by the way. I mean, if I’m really tired, wouldn’t you think I need MORE makeup? To hide the hideous dark circles? Note to self: eyeliner is your friend.

My tummy just rumbled so I believe I will go have one of those yummy cheesecake pudding cup things I like so much. I will leave you with this. My favorite scene from Moulin Rouge. Where the Argentinian plays a more intense role. *Oh come on, anyone who knows me at all knows that I enjoy humor like the next person, but I’m a goner for the melodramatic. Give me angst anyday.*

3 responses to “The Narcoleptic Argentinian

  1. Hello!! I got so excited when I saw that shout-out, lol… The layout is super-pretty, and I’m already halfway through the book, which I *love* …!

    Ohmigosh, Clove is very excited about Cinnamon’s webspace. Haha — we are a workplace of dorks. 😉

  2. Congrats on your writing progress! 😀 Maybe all that sleepiness is a sign that you need vitamins and carbs. You’re burning too many carbs while thinking and typing. However, these activities can’t burn fat after the carbs are gone, like doing strenuous exercises do. So keep some carbs around. Yeah, I know this sounds like an excuse to have candies laying around, but those carbs can also make you sleepy. I usually have sport drinks.

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