I, Traveller

For the past twenty minutes I find myself plagued with images of Paris after dark. A city filled with lights and rivers. Ancient architecture that has seen more life than any of us will ever imagine. The Louvre, with its exquisite collection of paintings and sculptures. Representations of societies long passed. *dreamy sigh*

My condo disappears for a bit while I take this imaginary field trip. My muse is a traveler. Of time and space and the world. She enjoys the dusty desert pyramids of Egypt with its golden mysteries buried deep inside. She partakes in the ancient festivities of the Greco-Roman Temples, stadiums, and royal houses. She recites Irish lore and Scottish myths in vivid songs. Has told me countless tales about the rolling green pastures and the magical fae.

I admit, I’m jealous of my muse. She gets to have all the fun. I, however, get to live vicariously through her. She’s introduced me to Princes, Kings, senators, councilmen, forensic investigators, movie stars, magical beings, lovers, haters, families, villains and even a few normal people, like you and I. Each of these have left a little imprint in my  heart, forever changing my landscape. These people live and breathe in memory. I try to make them live and breathe on paper too.

Some people wonder why I spend so much time writing when the payoff isn’t ‘NY Times Bestselling Author’ *yet*. My reason is because writing is breathing. Writing is life. Think about it. Greece may be beautiful,  but through the eyes of a forsaken goddess cursed to spend an immortal life among mankind while each of her lovers perishes? Those large, empty ruins suddenly take on new life, don’t they?

Its days like these, when I’m in my little condo on a dreary day wishing I’d gotten that Peppermint Mocha Latte I’d been dreaming of at work, and sitting to wait out the repair of a broken water main, that I realize that writing is my freedom. My escape.

I write,  hence I live.

Which is why I want to start a new feature on my blog. I would like to have a different author every month. They’ll be my highlight author. They can tell me all they want about their muse and the wonderful journeys they’ve taken. And I in turn, will pass these great tales onto you. Who knows? Gifts and games may even be included. 😉

Interested? Drop me a line.

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