Time Off

It’s a strange thing, getting time off for a job that gives you different days every week. It stops feeling like you’re getting a day off and starts to feel more like any other week, only you weren’t scheduled to work this day. Unfortunately, that’s not quite my case. I did get the day off, as I try to battle this monstrosity of a cold that has since made its way from my ear into my chest. I’m currently on cough medicine and codine. It does wonders. It also knocks me out. Not that I mind the sleep. It’s really the most peaceful sleep I’ve gotten in a while.

I’m done being angry about being sick and I’ve gotten into the acceptance phase. I’m resting. Eating soups, trying really hard not to push myself (despite my natural tendencies to want to do a billion things at once). Instead, I’m relaxing. Watching TV. Reading books. Reminding myself that I don’t want pneumonia. That’s my mantra. As long as I remember that, I won’t do anything stupid, like start another load of laundry and get up to scrub the kitchen floor. I should be RESTING. *grumbles*. Have I mentioned how it sucks majorly to be sick? Women like myself, you know, with superhero complexes, should not get sick. It makes our saving the world rather difficult.

But anyway, here I am, wishing you all a bright and cheery Monday, hoping that your weekend has been a little bit more productive than mine. So share, people, so that I may live vicariously through you all.

One response to “Time Off

  1. Aw, dear. I hope you knock that ick soon. 😦 Have you tried taking some Mucinex to try and break up the chest congestion? (Sorry, if it sounds like I’ve gone into mommy mode, not meaning too!) I hope you feel better really soon!

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