The Writing Blah's

Let’s face it.

We’ve all felt them. Sometimes, despite being on top of the world creatively, we crash and suddenly feel like writing is more trouble than it’s worth. It’s ok. It’s natural to feel that way. In fact, Nephele Tempest , agent extraordinaire of The Knight Agency put it best when she said:

You love your mother, too, but that doesn’t mean she can’t drive you batshit on occasion, or that there aren’t days when you really just don’t want to deal with her. And so it goes with writing.

Ahh… perspective. She referenced (and linked) to a wonderful post today about such a topic. I thought I’d link you guys. It really helped to know that someone else felt in the duldrums at times. So, writers unite! This is something we all face together. 😉

Check out: Laura Anne Gilman’s post on the topic.

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