How do three workers spend their time when it’s 7am in the bookstore and we aren’t open to the public yet? Well, other than shelving and baking goodies for the cafe, we talk about the most random, ridiculous things we can think of. Why not? There’s no one there to judge us. It keeps the time flowing. Two hours before opening can seem like FOREVER if you don’t have something entertaining going on while you work.

Today’s topic of amusement: people who drive into things. Not the ones that get seriously injured. That isn’t funny. (Most of the time.) I mean, the ones who drive into silly things. Like, garage doors. Or trees. Or parked cars. You have to wonder… weren’t they paying attention? Where was their mind when they drove right through the McDonalds kids play area?

Of course, in our usual psychotic fashion, this conversation then twisted into something even more demented. What if someone drove their car right through our store? Like just came flying right into the glass wall? What if that someone were Bruce Willis?!

Ahh… see now the conversation is getting interesting. What if, he gets out of the car and his first line is, where’s my coffee? Of course, he’d have to have on a sweaty tank top, be smudged up with dirt and blood, and have all sorts of soot on his face. That’s where he looks the sexiest.

Then, we wondered, would we still think Bruce Willis was sexy (capable of dating a supermodel sexy), if he were just some mechanic in Jersey? We contemplated this quite seriously. There were several arguments made. Until finally, we realized that if he rolled out from under a car he was servicing in a sweaty tank top, smeared in oil and blood, yes, we’d think he was still dead sexy. Noting a pattern here?

Yes. These are the things we do to entertain ourselves. It made the day surprisingly enjoyable.

3 responses to “Unlikely…?

  1. Listen, you need to scale it down a little, okay? Because at the B&N Cafe, the most exciting person you’re going to have climb out of a car that’s just driven through the front window is a guy with a really thick accent who keeps himself in shape so he can date pretty girls. Like you. “Hiiiii girllll.”

  2. Ha ha ha! Melissa, I literally just shivered. We should have some sort of emergency code for 50something year old soulmate searching foreigners who creep up on you in silence and then make up for it with catchy pick up lines like “Hiiiii girllll.”

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