Expect the Unexpected

I have a secret identity. By day, when crowned with the magical wreath of blue and white stars and a little plastic dragonfly I become the Winter Fairy. Curled ribbons become my long flowing blue hair. My eyes sparkle with snowflakes yet to fall. And my step become light sprints across the cafe floor.

Each word becomes a sudden unexpected song. When I run out of creative song ideas, I resort to Disney tunes. But not the kind everyone knows. No no. The random ones most people can’t remember. Like the theme Lady’s owners used to sing in Lady and the Tramp to their baby. Or the song Vanessa (Ursula the witch’s much sexier alter ego) sings into the mirror before her wedding to Eric. I have the uncanny gift of providing energy in the form of caffeinated beverages. They’re warm and comforting and come in a variety of seasonal flavors including Gingerbread, Peppermint and Toasted Marshmallow. This makes people happy. Which in turn makes me happy.

When I’m done with that alter ego, I become the smoky lounge singer. In this case, I’m preparing for a talent show I’m singing at tomorrow. Mentally, I have it all prepared. Two chairs, low lights, my guitarist beside me and me, singing really bluesy like the world might end tonight. Of course, it’ll be less perfect in reality. I’m exhausted. My voice is still shot from being sick. And I haven’t had as much time to practice as I’d like. But hey, a girl can dream, right?

Then, I get back to reality. Tonight, I came home hoping to write and instead, my eyes are already closing (even as I type this!). So that’s not going to work. However, last night I reread what I have of the WIP for my publisher and realized, much to my surprise, it makes sense! It’s quite fluid, really, considering I hardly remember even writing some of the scenes! That’s the magic of NaNo for you I suppose. Going back was a good idea however, to keep the consistency and character names all in tact. But I was surprised at how entertained I was somewhere near the middle. I’m a bit more than halfway now, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to wrap it all up. Which I’m very excited about. So, I did a bit of writing last night and broke 27k. Not bad.

I can sleep tonight knowing I’ve done all I set out to do today. 😀 Happy Friday to all!

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